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Our nation currently finds itself at an inflection point. A point in our shared history where we must decide what kind of country we will be in the coming years. 

Will we be a nation that respects our democratic traditions? Will we be a nation that embraces truth, diversity, and progress? Or will we be a nation that clings to the past and is built on anger, lies, and divisiveness?

I have spent my entire adult life fighting for a better, more fair nation--for all citizens. Whether in elective office at the local level, as a leader in the Democratic Party, or the area of non-profits, I have been at the forefront of the fight for a 21st Century that reflects who we really are as a nation.

I understand how frustrating politics and government can be, trust me. Progress comes slowly, but we can't give up the fight. We must keep the faith, fight for what is right, and remain steadfast in our battle for the soul of this great country.

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Chris D. Jackson is a public figure who was first elected to the Lawrence County Commission in August 2006 at 19. He is the youngest person ever elected to public office in Lawrence County and was the youngest person ever elected to the office of county commissioner in the State of Tennessee at the time of his initial election.

Demonstrating a unique ability to work with people from all backgrounds, his colleagues on the commission elected him to chairman pro-tempore of the board for seven years, becoming the youngest commissioner ever to hold the position.

Outside of his 16 years in elective office, Jackson served two terms as Democratic Party Chairman and two terms as State Director of the Young Elected Officials Network. In 2020, Jackson was an early endorser of President Joe Biden and was chosen by the Biden campaign to serve on the DNC Policy Platform Committee. He also serves as an informal advisor and strategist for various campaigns on the state and national levels.

Professionally, Jackson works as a site director in higher education, where he helps non-traditional students earn their bachelor's degrees and create a better future for themselves and their families. 

Jackson attended the University of North Alabama, earning an honors bachelor of science degree. He is currently seeking his graduate degree in Strategic Leadership. In 2018, the University of North Alabama Alumni Association awarded Jackson the prestigious Public Service Award for his many contributions to society within the realm of local government.

Chris is married to the former Kailea Daniels of Leoma. The two reside in Loretto with their son, Theo.


Chairman Pro-Tempore Jackson with President Barack Obama
Chairman Pro-Tempore Chris D. Jackson at the White House
Chairman Pro-Tempore Chris Jackson with President Joe Biden at the White House
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