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"Our nation stands at a pivotal moment in history where our collective choices will shape the future trajectory of our country.

Will we uphold and honor our democratic traditions? Will we boldly champion truth, celebrate diversity, and propel progress forward? Or will we be divided by anger, falsehoods, and stagnation?

Throughout my adult life, I have tirelessly dedicated myself to pursuing a more just and equitable society for all Americans. From serving in local elective offices to overseeing electoral integrity as an election commissioner, leading within the Democratic Party, to advocating in the non-profit sector, I have consistently fought on the front lines for a 21st-century America that embodies our nation's true spirit.

I understand intimately the frustrations of navigating the complexities of politics and governance. Yet, we cannot afford to falter in the face of adversity. Progress may be gradual, but we must persevere with unwavering resolve. Let us hold fast to our convictions, stand firm in our commitment to what is right, and steadfastly defend the essence of this great nation.

Let us forge ahead with hope, courage, and a steadfast belief in the brighter future we can create for all Americans."

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Chris D. Jackson is a distinguished public servant and advocate for community advancement, recognized for his exceptional leadership and dedication to public service. Elected to the Lawrence County, Tennessee Commission in August 2006 at 19, Jackson made history as the youngest individual ever elected to public office in Lawrence County and the State of Tennessee's youngest county commissioner.

During his tenure on the commission, Jackson's collaborative approach and visionary initiatives profoundly impacted the community. His peers elected him chairman pro-tempore, a position he held for seven years, highlighting his skill in fostering consensus and spearheading positive change. Under his leadership, Lawrence County achieved record-low unemployment rates and built substantial financial reserves. 

Concurrently, significant strides were made to improve student graduation rates and reduce crime. Jackson also played a pivotal role in historic investments in economic development, education, and infrastructure, laying the foundation for long-term prosperity in Lawrence County.

Following his tenure on the commission, Jackson extended his public service by becoming an election commissioner for Lawrence County, appointed by the State of Tennessee in 2023. In addition to his governmental roles, Jackson draws on over a decade of experience in law enforcement administration. He serves as a site director in higher education, guiding students toward academic achievement and fulfilling careers.

Jackson boasts a distinguished political record, having served two terms as chairman of

his local Democratic Party, where he secured notable electoral triumphs in one of the

country's most conservative counties. In 2020, he emerged as an early and impactful

endorser of Joe Biden for president, subsequently earning an appointment by the Biden

campaign to the prestigious DNC Platform Committee. Jackson has garnered acclaim in

recent years for his impactful advocacy in digital spheres and steadfast support of

President Biden and his administration.


Beyond his political career, Jackson has held notable positions, including president of the

Lions Club and state director for the Young Elected Officials Network. He chaired the Animal Resource Center Advisory Board, spearheading efforts to establish a new animal shelter—a key initiative during his time in elected office.


 Jackson earned his bachelor's degree in Science from the University of North Alabama and is pursuing a graduate degree in Strategic Leadership. In 2018, the University of North Alabama Alumni Association honored him with the Public Service Award for outstanding societal contributions.


Chris resides in Tennessee with his wife, Kailea, and their son, Theo. His steadfast dedication to public service and diverse professional background continue to impact his community positively and beyond.

Chris D. Jackson on the South Lawn of the White House.
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Chris D. Jackson with First Lady Jill Biden
Chris D. Jackson with President Barack Obama
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