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Last Updated: December 20, 2013
I first ran for county commissioner because l wanted to make a change in Lawrence County. Not just a change that would last for a few weeks or a few months; but an enduring change that would fundamentally change how our county government does business. During my time in office, I have tried to do just that by proposing and voting for progressive and common sense policies that look to move our county forward and to provide hope to future generations of Lawrence Countians.
As I have said many times during my campaigns and time in office, we cannot settle for being a "retirement community." We have an obligation to fight for a better future for all Lawrence Countians. For far too long we have let the "Good Ole Boys" and the satus quo run Lawrence County.

It is time
we the people take control of our own destiny and charter a new path to the future where everyone has a chance to live, work and raise their family right here in Lawrence County. Change won't come easy and it won't come quick; however, if we work together, it can happen.
Serving as commissioner of the 2nd District has been one of the greatest honors of my life. I would like the opportunity to continue to provide the leadership we need to move our county forward and improve the lives of all of our citizens. That’s why I want you to know that I will be seeking re-election as County Commissioner this August.
If you are tired of politics as usual in Lawrence County and are tired of continually being told reasons why we can't have a better future, I would like your support because I believe in this county's future and will continue to fight hard to find ways we can grow and move our county forward!
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